HARPER REGAN By Simon Stephens

02 Apr HARPER REGAN By Simon Stephens

The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, in Collaboration with New York University’s TISCH School of the Arts Undergraduate Program Present:



By Simon Stephens

Directed by Nina Fry

April 5-7th, 2018 | 7pm
The Irma Sandrey Theatre

Tickets: $10 General Admission
$5 Students/Alumni




Under the shadow of a transgressive family secret, Harper’s father passed away. She walked away from her home, her husband and daughter, and keeps walking. She told nobody that she was going. She told nobody where she was going. She put everything she ever built at risk. For two lost days and nights, until it looked as though her entire life might unravel, she didn’t turn back. Harper Regan travels around, exploring family, love and delusion. This is the story of the modern ‘Everywomen’.


“It takes a little while to adjust to this writer’s curious twilight zone between the everyday and the borderline crazy.”

”Stephens creates characters that don’t conform to stereotype.”




Kristina Melsheimer

Abigail Allen

Adam Southwick

Ana Moioli

Brooke Halvorson

Christian Masinsin

Elise Ponce

Louis Veaschoyle

Sam Greenspan

Sebastian Delascasas

Will Anderson




Assistant Director – Elizabeth Power
Production Stage Manager – Stephen Stanec
Assistant Stage Manager – Quinn Cavin
Lighting Designer – Alex Moore
Sound Designers – Gabriel García & Haydn Díaz
Scenic/Projections/Props Designer – Aaron Gonzalez
Costume Designer – Heather McDevitt Barton
Wardrobe Head – Fadi Baidhani
Fight Choreographer – Sam Barkley
Producing Manger – Haydn Díaz
Technical Director – Pope Jackson