15 Jul Conservatory Performance Spring 2016 Directed by Lorca Peress

Spring 2016 Conservatory Performance

Directed by Lorca Peress


Presenting selections from


Never Say Die by Frank Higgins
Performed By: Gjermund Gjesme, Patrick J. Leddy, Daniel Napolitano, Adrian Bonnier, and Vibor Krekovic


The Women (Scene 1) by Clare Boothe Luce, Adaptation by Diane English
Performed By: Julia Vlasenko, Lindsey Lauria, Cristina Noya,
and Tate Kenney


Puppet Man by Andrew Black
Performed By: Daniel Napolitano and Patrick J. Leddy


The Woods by David Mamet
Performed By: Gjermund Gjesme and Thaissa Yumi


27 Wagons Full of Cotton by Tennessee Williams
Performed By: Tate Kenney and Vibor Krekovic


Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel
Performed By: Julia Vlasenko and Lindsey Lauria


Killing Chuck by Gabriel Davis
Performed By: Daniel Napolitano


I Think You Think I Love You by Kelly Younger
Performed By: Thaissa Yumi


Getting Out by Marsha Norman
Performed By: Cristina Noya with Julia Vlasenko


Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley
Performed By: Lindsey Lauria with Thaissa Yumi


The Flick by Annie Baker
Performed By: Adrian Bonnier and Julia Vlasenko


Birdbath by Leonard Melfi
Performed By: Cristina Noya and Vibor Krekovic


Butterflies Are Free by Leonard Gershe
Performed By: Tate Kenney and Patrick J. Leddy


Home Front by James Duff
Performed By: Lindsey Lauria and Daniel Napolitano


The Women (Scene 2) by Clare Boothe Luce, Adaptation by Diane English
Performed By: Thaissa Yumi, Lindsey Lauria, Tate Kenney, Cristina Noya, and Julia Vlasenko


The Performers by David West Read
Performed By: Adrian Bonnier, Gjermund Gjesme, and Thaissa Yumi