About This Project

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

by William Inge

Directed by Lee Kasper

June 3-6, 2015 | 8pm

The setting is a small Oklahoma town in the early 1920s and the home of the Flood family. Here we find Rubin, a traveling salesman for a harness firm, Cora, his sensitive and lovely wife, Sonny, their little boy and Reenie, their teenage daughter. The plot consists of a series of short stories — the fight between a husband and wife; the fear of an overly shy young girl on going to a dance; the problems of an introverted little boy who feels that the whole world is against him; the corroding marriage of Cora’s rowdy sister; and the tragedy of a military school cadet who suffers from the stigma of being Jewish in a small mid-western town.

Aidan Futterman
Miah Gonzales
Tate Kenney
Stephen McFarlane
Radhika Mehrotra
Daniel Napolitano
Oren Oettinger
George Stevens

Creative Team:
Stage Manager- Alysia Dorhout
Set Designer- Ryan Howell
Lighting Designer- Ethan Steimel
Costume Designer- Stephanie Levin
Sound Designer- Michael Costagliola
Production Managers- Eric Mercado & Karen Loftus


Photos by Bailey Carr