Blue Window

About This Project


by Craig Lucas

Directed by Jennifer Sandella

April 8-10, 2015 | 8pm

Several people, some of them couples, seek an elusive intimacy in a gathering at one person’s home. The play maps out the oft-fought battle between the desire for intimacy and the fear of it. Commitment is pictured as the blue window that skydivers see when they get ready to jump from a plane. Some people jump. Others hesitate, some to be pushed, some to never leave the plane.

Victor Cervantes Jr.
Madison Dix
Jess Kaliban
Cullen Kuch
Steven Moity
Eleanor Hall Watson
Hannah Williams

Creative Team:
Production Manager- Karina Martins
Technical Director- Jenn Tash
Set Designer- Mitchell Ost
Lighting Designer- Sean Daniels
Costume Designer- Kaela Garvin
Sound Designer- Kenien Spann
Stage Manager- Kristy Bodall