Monsters Music Video Casting Call

21 Aug Monsters Music Video Casting Call

“Monsters” by Elisabeth Lopez

Audition: Skype Audition Monday Aug 24th and/or Sunday Aug 30th
Pay: No Pay, Copy, Credit, Meals, and transportation provided for those who live in Manhattan and/or NJ
Shoot Date & Location: Saturday, September 5th in Northern New Jersey ( specific location,TBA)

Submit headshot & resume to

Director: Ebb Friday
Producer: Sola Fashun
Casting Director: Carly Kastel


-Looking for adult actors (18+) to play in their teens for all the young roles. Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to submit for the audition-

BULLY #1 and BULLY #3 (Female, 18+) Co-Star: These are the girls every guy wants to be with and every girl envies. They are the cream of the crop, preppy, superficial, snobby, beautiful, and mean. These girls look like they just stepped out of a J. Crew magazine, “Boarding school types.”
BULLY #2 (Male, 18+) Co-Star: He is friends with the girls who go around harassing people. He is handsome, preppy, and mean. Guys want to be him, and girls want to be with him.
VICTIM #1 (Female, 18+) Co-Star: She is a kind, but a fragile person. Vulnerable to the threats and hostility from the bullies.
VICTIM #2 (Male, 18+) Co-Star: A young man, slightly lanky, who is also victim to the threats and harassment from the bullies. Nerdy look.
BULLY #4 (Male, late 30’s-50s) Co-Star: Father to the son, who is a victim of the teenage bullied. This father is verbally abusive to his son. He has a menacing look about him. The type of guy who had his glory days in high school, peaked, and then turned into a deadbeat dad.

Monster” Audio Clip
Ebb Friday’s 2014 Music Video Reel

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