Casting Call: NOBODY’S WATCHING by Julia Solomonoff

30 Sep Casting Call: NOBODY’S WATCHING by Julia Solomonoff


“Nadie nos mira” follows Nico, an Argentine actor trying his luck in New York, who will soon find out that he is “too blond to play Latino, his accent too thick to play American.” He ends up working as a “manny” (a male sitter) for Theo, a baby he will get unexpectedly attached to. His good looks help him hide how precarious and lonely his life here is. Through Theo, he meets a group of Latina nannies in the park he frequents. He gets in touch with much harsher immigrant experiences, that confront him with the destructive nature of his self-imposed exile’

Actors should submit:

– CV

to: Geraldine @


JOSH [40s/50s]. Male. Lawyer/ husband/ father. Handsome, confident, successful.

KARA [40s/50s/60s]. Female. Prestigious film producer. Elegant, smart, charismatic. She’s both inspiring and intimidating.

CLARA [20s-30s]. Female. Dates Briana. Creative, modern, intellectual. Clara is a documentary filmmaker, self-sufficient, sharp sense of humor.

BRIANA [20s-30s]. Female. Dates Clara. Creative, modern, intellectual. Briana is more of a free spirit, she cat-sits for a living, open-minded, spiritual.


Feature Film – NON-UNION
Director: Julia Solomonoff
Producer: Elisa Lleras // Production Company: La Panda
Shoot Dates: October 19th- November 13th (number of days per character TBC)
Location: New York City
Pay Rate: $150 per day

Casting Contact: Geraldine Baron –

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