B in Oblivion Casting Notice

21 Sep B in Oblivion Casting Notice


“B in Oblivion”: an approximately 30-min piece will be presented at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in just over two weeks.

Tech Rehearsal is 7pm on September 28
Dress Rehearsal is 6 to 8pm on October 1

Performances are:
October 1 at 9pm
October 2 at 6:30pm

This is a creepy, funny piece about an addict who wants to either be annihilated or be Teen Wolf. It’s a fast, movement-filled piece.

Rehearsals will be about 3 times between now and September 30th during weekdays from 10 to 1-ish rehearsals.


B: This whole play takes place in her hazy memory, and (like a dream character) she is experiencing different ages in her life (5, 12, 17, 24) she experiences everything as a brutally honest, self-loathing addict in her 20s. She is totally uncynical, and looks with complete honesty at the dark things she is experiencing.

THE DOCTOR: (ALSO THE DRUG DEALER, KINDERGARTENER) Slick, confident. He’s not playing god…he is god.

THE NURSE: (ALSO THE TEACHER) Female in her 20s. She’s a melancholy maternal figure; but her sadness doesn’t take away from the fact that she does everything with a loving hand.

Please contact if interested: gillespie.ann@gmail.com

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