CASTING NOTICES | “Defendant Maurice Chevalier”

20 Nov CASTING NOTICES | “Defendant Maurice Chevalier”

Casting two leads for an Off Broadway Production “Defendant Maurice Chevalier” by Alexis Chevalier. The show was initially produced at LSTFI Summer 2015.

Performance dates and venue: February 8th to 21st at the American Theatre of Actors. 314 W54 St.

Audition dates: November 23,24,25. Callback: November 29th

The actors must submit headshot, resume (video reel is a big plus) through backstage.

The actors will be required to sing and to dance. They must also be able to sing in French.


France; 1945. Condemned to death for Collaboration with the Nazis, popular French singer and entertainer Maurice Chevalier tells his accusers how it all happened. From his departure from Hollywood to stick back to the French stage until the end of World War Two, he recalls ten years of his life, during which he had to manage to protect his wife Nita from the Nazis and had to confront the Nazis’, the Collaborators’ and the Resistance’s influences. As he keeps performing and is considered the worldwide symbol of France, Chevalier is being manipulated to serve each camp’s interests and propaganda. But is he really a traitor?


MAURICE CHEVALIER: world famous French actor, singer and entertainer from the 20’s to the 60’s. Tired of being typecast, he decides to leave Hollywood and goes back to Paris in order to perform on stage again. Famous for his dandy looks and his boater hat, his charming and joyous stage persona contrasts with his sad and insecure personality. He needs the contact with the audience like a drug and is lost when there is no woman by his side. He protects his Jewish wife Nita from the Nazis as he goes on performing even during the hardest times of the war.

NITA: Maurice’s wife. She is an actress, singer and dancer touring in Maurice’s show. As the war breaks out, Maurice and Nita flee from Paris to Cannes, where she is supposed to be safe from anti-Semitic persecutions. She is sweet, courageous and strong. She always manages to hide her sadness. She spends the war years secluded in Cannes and has to stop performing, which makes her feel she has wasted her career and her youth.