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8 hours of classes per week (U.S. Part-Time Students)16 hours of classes per week (U.S. Full-Time Students)22 hours of classes per week (F-1 International, U.S. Full-Time & All Conservatory Program Students)


Students must take two Method Acting classes with two different teachers each session, totaling eight hours per week. Acting classes are offered mornings, afternoons and evenings. Method Acting classes are four hours each. You may indicate your time preference below; however, final placement is at the discretion of the Registrar.

9:00AM - 1:00PM1:30PM - 5:30PM6:00PM - 10:00PM

In addition to the required minimum of two Method Acting classes per week (eight hours), please indicate your elective choices below. One Year (3 semesters) or Two Year (6 semesters) Conservatory students must select one movement, one vocal and one theatre history class each semester. Conservatory students must enroll in a class called Theatre History during the first semester. Students studying in the Full-Time 12 Week may take any electives. Final class assignments will be decided by the Registrar. Curriculum is subject to change without notice.

U.S. Full-Time Students: be sure your total class hours include 8 hours of method acting & add up to 16 or 22 hours!
F-1 & Conservatory Students: your total class hours must include 8 hours of method acting and add up to 22 hours!

MOVEMENT (2 Hours each)

BalletDance IIntermediate JazzMovementPhysical TechniqueStage Combat IStage Combat IIStretchTai ChiTap

VOCAL( 2 Hours each )

DialectsSingingSpeech - Accent ReductionVocal Production


Acting Chekhov (4 Hours) ♦Film Analysis (2 Hours)History of Method Acting Film (2 Hours) ♦Shakespeare at the Globe (4 Hours)♦Strasberg & Scene Analysis (2 Hours) ♦Theatre History (2 Hours)


Acting on Camera (4 Hours)Acting for Film & TV (4 Hours)Advanced Improvisation (2 Hours)Audition (2 Hours)Building a Character (2 Hours)Character Work (2 Hours)Creating Your Own Work (2 Hours)Improvisation (2 Hours)Monologue (2 Hours)Musical Theatre (4 Hours) ★Scene Study (4 Hours)Screenwriting (2 Hours)Script Analysis (2 Hours)Sketch Comedy Writing (2 Hours)Sketch Comedy Performance

By audition only. This class counts as a movement and vocal class.
Book purchase required.

MANDATORY ORIENTATION CLASS WILL BE HELD ON Thursday, September 14, 2017 FROM 1:30-3:30PM.

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